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We're a young Australian production company that loves great movies and television. We work with emerging writers and filmmakers to develop their stories for the screen.

We've also produced some cool stuff.

Her Own Music

Marking the debut of writer-director Olivia Aleksoski and starring Alexandra Morgan and Zoe Terakes (Wentworth), a graduating school captain has her life and identity thrown into question when she falls in love with one of her peers.


On The Fringe

From breakthrough writer-director Lucy Coleman, our debut production follows the hilarious misgivings of emerging comedians Sarah and Jacinta as they do what they do best: turn life’s hardest moments into fuel for fodder.

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In Stitches

Comissioned by Sesame Studios and brought to life by animator Elliot Schultz with over 1 million stitches, a young boy learns how to let his imagination run free.

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